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Jack & Jill Berowra will endeavour to provide a service that meets the health and safety needs of its staff and children and provide appropriate medical treatment when required.   We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment of our children and staff and have therefore adopted an allergy awareness policy to protect those who are at risk of an allergic reaction or anaphylaxis. Also to ensure staff members respond appropriately to any anaphylactic reaction.  Staff must be able to initiate appropriate treatment, including competently administrating an Epi-Pen.  The service also aims to raise the community awareness of anaphylaxis and its management through education and policy implementation. 

We are a nut, chilli, foods from the pepper family and spice free zone.   We ask families to implement their Duty of Care and not bring the offending products to the Centre including in treats or birthday cakes.


Once you have enrolled your child and you require special dietary requirements, please speak to staff during your enrolment process.


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