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Community Involvement




Here at Jack and Jill we love to get involved with the local community.


We are involved in the local transition to school group, we participate in regular meetings with the of the local Primary Schools and other Pre Schools. At these meetings it gives us the opportunity to discuss with fellow professionals about the current expectations of what each school has for the new coming students. Discuss with fellow /educators ideas on activities to prepare our children for school and share with them what we are already doing.


Primary Schools visit our centre regularly to performance with their choir and dance groups for the children and work with the Schools year 4 students in small reading groups our Lorikeet room as they may potentially be their year 5 buddy when they attend school the next year.  We have also visit local schools on excursions to watch their school productions. 


Local community help we regularly invite Fire brigade and Police to visit getting the children to become familiar with who they are, how we recognise them and what they do to help us. We also invite specialist to help extend on an interest the children have to come and talk about what they do for example Dentist and Garbage truck drivers.


We also like to give back to the community so we hold an annual fun day where we host a fete to raise money for a charity that is relevant to the centre at the time. Throughout the year we also collect goods or money for various charities from our families. 






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