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Absences and Illnesses


If a child is to be absent, parents and guardians are asked to notify the centre as soon as possible and inform the centre of the estimated length of absence. Please note that fees are still payable if a child is ill or goes on holiday.


We wish to create a safe and hygienic environment to maintain the health of all families and staff. To assist with this the following health guidelines will be adhered at all times.


A child will not be able to attend the centre for any period of time during which:



  • The child is suffering from a disease or condition which is contagious through normal social contact

  • A medical practitioner has recommended the child not attend child care

  • If a medical practitioner prescribes medication for a child, the parent must ensure that the child does not attend the centre for 24 hours after the commencement of the medication 

  • Has received panadol/within 24 hours prior to attendance (Apart from teething with a letter from the doctor)

  • Vomitting/Diarrhoea





All medication must be prescribed to your child by a medical doctor with correct labelling with your child's name, date and dosage — clearly marked on the packaging. If the medicines are to be administered by staff at our centre the correct form must be filled out, staff informed and medicine given to a staff member at the beginning of the day. We also ask parents to sign a permission slip to administer Panadol when the child's temperature reaches 38 Degrees or above. In these situations the child will need to be collected if they are unwell. (Please note any medication not on a subscription, such as nappy rash cream requires a doctor's letter to be administered.)


Emergency Contact


Although unlikely we have certain procedures in place to respond to an emergency relating to yours child's health or safety while they are attending the centre. Please pay careful attention to the conditions outlined in this section as they are in place to provide the centre with options for obtaining care for your child in an emergency situation.


We require emergency contact details for every family in the occasional event their parent/guardian are unable to be contacted. It is paramount that these contacts are able to pick up the child from the centre if required and are also able to give authorisation for medical attention in an emergency situation. Please ensure that such people are over the age of 18 years and are aware that you have provided their information as an emergency contact.


If staff are unable to contact either the child's parent/guardian or emergency contact within the timelines that the director deems appropriate for a given situation you agree that the director or delegated representative may authorise the administration of medication, transportation to hospital and administration of treatment as a recommended by the child's doctor, any attending doctor, police or State Government Officer on behalf of the parent.


The parent will be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of transportation or treatment. If there are any changes to the emergency contacts you have supplied or you have any concerns about our emergency procedures please notify the centre immediately.


Person to collect child 


A child may be released into the care of either parent, guardian or a responsible person into whose care a custodial parent has signed a permission for the child to be released. This includes persons nominated on the enrolment form and other people that you notify the centre in writing from time to time. Please ensure that such people are over the age of 18 years and carry photo identification.


Rest Time


We do encourage children to rest during their busy day here at Jack and Jill. This helps children recharge so they are able to concentrate and remain focused for the duration of the day. Sleep is optional depending on your child's needs and any concerns can be addressed with the carers from your child's class. For your child's comfort during rest time please bring a fitted cot sheet, a loose cot sheet and/or blanket and a small pillow if needed. Please label all items and wash them regularly. 


Notification of child abuse


Under the Child Care and Protection Act, all staff members employed by our centre are deemed mandatory reporters and as such are obliged to report any suspected incidences of child abuse or neglect to the licensing body.


Court Action


Should a child or children attending the centre be the subject of any court action, particularly custody or access issues being heard in the Family Court, the centre does not allow staff to issue statements or provide reports regarding the children except where instructed to so by the court. 





Photographs are a fantastic way to record your child's time at kindergarten and will be included in the portfolio we create for your child throughout the year. Unless you notify us otherwise you consent that occasionally may be used in publications, the Jack and Jill website or retained in the centre as a keepsake.













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