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From time to time we may conduct excursions away from the centre to provide external stimulus for your child's learning and development. In order for your child to be included in these events we will ask you to provide a signed permission slip authorising their involvement. As we plan excursions we will notify you in advance to keep you informed on locations, purpose of the excursion and possibly seek parent involvement.


Some of the excursions we have held at the centre:

  • Local post office visits where children have posted letters to their families.

  • Local Primary Schools to watch performances by the older children.

  • The reptile park  for this excursion we took the children by bus.

  • Local road works

  • Fagan's Park

  • Local Park's for speical sport days and picnics


Here at Jack and Jill we pride our self on our ability to involve the local community services, some of the visitors we had here at the centre have been:

  • Local schools reading books to the children.

  • Local schools performing dance and band performances.

  • Local Emergency services from Police to Fire Fighters

  • Local dentists giving talks of dental hygiene 

















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