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Jack & Jill Berowra we recognise the importance of play based learning in a safe and challenging environment where children are supported and guided by primary caregivers.   We aim to implement up-to-date educational research and pedagogy to ensure that we provide the best age appropriate and educational opportunities.


At Jack & Jill Berowra we aim to develop and deliver a stimulating and educational program that encourages children to engage in a range of activities designed around key developmental areas, a diverse range of topics and children’s interests that reflects the Early Years Learning Framework.


The Educational Curriculum at Jack & Jill is planned to reflect the centre’s philosophy and goals and to foster each child’s:

  • intellectual development

  •  emotional, personal and social development, independence and self esteem

  •  language development

  • creative development and aesthetic awareness

  • fine and gross motor skills




The curriculum encompasses all the learning experiences and routines that occur at the centre throughout the day. There is a balanced and developmentally appropriate program based on comprehensive individual developmental records for each child which provides for learning experiences for:

  •  emphasis on the process than the product

  • active and quiet activities

  • indoor and outdoor activities

  • whole group, small group and individual activities

  • structured and unstructured activities to provide choices and encourage children to take on new challenges and problem solving

  • fine and gross motor activities

  •  an anti-bias approach, giving all children access to all activities including children with special needs

  • a multicultural perspective, respecting each family’s culture and language, looking at similarities as well as differences and valuing diversity

  • a partnership with parents

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