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Sun Safety


We follow practices recommended by the Cancer Council and are a registered sun smart centre. Children need to bring a broad brimmed hat and the centre does provide cancer council sunscreen. There is sunscreen allocated in all classrooms and the centre foyer, sunscreen must be put on your child at drop off. In the event of your child being allergic to the supplied sunscreen, please provide your own labelled sunscreen that is suitable for your child to use.






Clothing and Footwear


Children need to be dressed in seasonally appropriate and comfortable play clothes and shoes, allowing them to move them throughout the day (please note singlets are not appropriate). Staff will encourage children to use smocks for messy play/craft, however your child may occasionally get dirty so please send them in sensible play clothes (superhero costumes are not recommended). To help develop your child's self help skills it is also important, where age appropriate, that they are manageable for the child e.g dressing/undressing and using the toilet. Please note that thongs and crocs are trip hazards and not suitable footwear.




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